Free Apps To Help Stay Up To Date On Scores, News, Stats And More

Looking for a great mobile sports app to improve your online gambling experience? Some of the best apps are free, and sponsored by the biggest names in sports coverage. ESPN, CBS and Yahoo all deliver excellent sports applications which are free for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile devices. The ever-changing world of sports is constantly creating value-rich opportunities for the savvy sports bettor, but you have to act quickly. This means reliable and late-breaking information updated and available 24/7/365 on your mobile device. Whether looking for betting trends, getting the most recent score updates, doing research or checking statistics, the following apps are our top picks in several different important areas.

The Best Free App For Research And Statistics – CBS Sports

Being able to research statistics and previous performances is extremely important to the intelligent sports gambler and will help you make informed decisions when playing at a mobile sportsbook. But the ability to access that information in a timely manner, through a simple and easy to use interface, is extremely important as well. The CBS Sports mobile application delivers excellent research and statistics, giving you all the information you need to make a betting decision. Also, you can set up “push” notifications for particular sports and games, and even access Twitter tweets posted by analysts and athletes in multiple sports. Obviously all of the major leagues are covered, as well as soccer’s Premier League, Champions League and other top leagues, the PGA, NASCAR, ATP and WTA tennis leagues and several minor sports. Live video coverage of the PGA tour, select SEC football games and NCAA basketball is also free of charge. CBS Sports App

Best Free App For Checking Sports Scores – Yahoo Sports

To make quick betting moves which rely on accurate and reliable scores delivered to your mobile device, the best mobile app for checking sports scores is Yahoo Sports. Instant updates for placing live in-game bets on totals arms you with the latest scoring information. Yahoo also allows set-up alerts for pregame (3 hours), game start, game end, score change and several other important criteria. As far as a customizable and updated sports score mobile application across all the major and several minor sports leagues, Yahoo can’t be beat. Yahoo Sports App

Best Free App For Late Breaking News – Espn Sports

ESPN has made a name for itself as the premier provider of sports news across all major leagues. Covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and NHL with a global network of sports analysts, ESPN also provides the latest information on sports such as thoroughbred horse racing, lacrosse, soccer, NASCAR and tennis. So it just makes sense that they deliver a wealth of information regarding late breaking news and game time updates on a mobile platform as well. Their functional application is more designed towards news delivery, and keeping you up-to-date with the latest relevant sports information that can help guide your betting decisions. ESPN Sports Center App

Best Overall And All Inclusive App For Sports – TheScore

There is simply no better all-around free mobile sports betting application than The Score. Drawing high marks from us across the board, The Score was originally developed to keep you updated with current sports scores around the world. And true to its name, The Score Mobile provides extremely quick sports score updates. The interface allows you to quickly move from one league or game to another, and you can choose to set alerts for one particular game or team, or several. Also, an incredibly easy to use and intelligent interface with minimal advertisements which is actually enjoyable to use makes this sports application functional in so many ways. For lightning fast score updates, in-depth betting research, news and sports statistics, there simply is no better overall free mobile sports betting application than The Score mobile app.