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Diamond Sportsbook also known as BetDSI has been around for decades and is one of the top shelf sportsbooks for both US and international players.

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Diamond Sportsbook is part of the Betcris family of online sports betting sites who operates 3 prominent sites including Betdsi, Bookmaker and Betcris. They have been around since the inception of online betting and have an impeccable reputation with players. Betdsi’s mobile sportsbook app is one of the best in the industry and is dead simple to use. Once you signup an account, just visit the site from your mobile device and you will be directed to the mobile friendly version of the betting suite.

Diamond Mobile Sportsbook Introduction

Although the BetDSI mobile sportsbook was just recently launched last year, the company itself has been around since 1998 and is located in San Jose, Costa Rica. The full name of the company is Diamond Sportsbook International, and the initials DSI is what their gambling sites typically go by. Rated by tons of independent reviews online and heralded as a top-tier gambling company by its many customers, DSI is known for providing very secure, innovative gaming options. DSI not only provides people with all their favorites sports on which to bet, but they also offer a very unique BetPoints Loyalty Program that rewards players for returning to do business with the site. Their software platform is proprietary, unlike a lot of companies out there, so you’re getting something from DSI that’s wholly original and is made in-house. This doesn’t mean their gaming interface suffers, however; it’s actually one of the best-rated software packages online. Catering to over 140 countries, including the USA, BetDSI is licensed and regulated by the government gambling authority of Costa Rica.

Betdsi Bonuses And Promotional Offers

One area where BetDSI doesn’t exactly score a 10 on the board is with their bonuses and promotions. Now, that being said, they do have one of the easiest bonuses to clear in the industry, so it’s not going to take you forever to get any free money. Their current welcome bonus is a 50% deposit bonus on up to $500. So, if you put in a big chunk of change with $1,000, you would get $500 to play with from the site on top of that. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the site instantly gives you a free 50% on top of whatever you put it. But unlike a lot of sites out there where it takes months and months of betting to clear a bonus, BetDSI actually releases more of the bonus into your account every time you bet, so the bonus money ends up clearing a lot quicker. Currently on their site they’re not offering any further promotions, but that’s something that never lasts long. BetDSI is constantly offering bonuses, like an additional 20% deposit bonus, monthly reload bonuses, and more. You just have to be sure to check their site at random intervals, as you never know when they’re going to release another new type of bonus or promotion.

Banking Options Available At Diamond Sportsbook

Unlike the bonus area, where the pickings are rather slim at the moment, BetDSI actually does score a solid 10 with their banking options. It’s very rare that you find a USA-friendly site offering so many payment options, especially a site that’s constructed to be strictly mobile. Typically is the case that you’ll have a few popular methods, and some banking options, but BetDSI offers a wide array of banking options from which you can choose. For starters, you can use all major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa and AMEX. Of course, they also offer bank transfer options for both depositing and withdrawing your funds. You can also find options like Money Gram and Western Union, if you feel like wiring money. But their biggest draw for banking is undoubtedly the fact that they offer Bitcoin as an option. Bitcoin allows you to make free deposits and withdrawals. What I personally love about DSI is the fact that they don’t nickel and dime players with low withdrawal limits. Players can withdrawl up to $50K via wire transfers, or $25K via bitcoin which is processed the same day. For wire withdrawals, the only kicker is it has to be a minimum of $10K. All and all in terms of banking options from a USA-friendly mobile site, BetDSI gives you a lot from which to choose.

Types of Sports Options and Lines Offered

Anyone browsing the BetDSI mobile site can instantly see just how much the site offers to its sports gamblers. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see that they have hundreds of options for basketball, both pro and collegiate. They have thousands of different soccer options, from the USA, Europe, South America, and beyond. They carry hockey, both the NHL and international. They have tennis, hundreds of golf options, martial arts, boxing, rugby, Aussie rules football, and much more. You can even bet on politics, entertainment and futures with the site. So no matter what you want to bet on here, you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy.

Apart from all the basic lines you would expect to find with a sportsbook, such as O/U lines, point spreads and moneylines, you can also find a slew of live betting options in a specific “Live Betting” section. This is where the action can really start to get intense and where you can make all sorts of wagers on the games as they’re being played in real-time. Then you have proposition betting that takes place on the site. Basically, this is a mobile site that provides you everything that a full-featured, full-sized site would offer. BetDSI is well known for providing a myriad of sports betting options for interested gamblers.

Customer Support

Betdsi has outstanding support which is always available 24/7 365 days a year. You can call their toll free number, email or use their instant live chat.

Additional BetDSI Gaming Options

If you’re worried that BetDSI focuses too much on sports and thus you cannot find any other games, you can cheer up now. Diamond Sportsbook International may have their main niche in sports betting, but you can do a whole lot more from their site. First and foremost, they have a fantastic racebook that features tons of different racing options. You can watch some of the horse races via their live streaming options, and you’re not only looking at big stakes races like the Kentucky Derby and Bellmont Stakes; BetDSI’s racebook offers a lot of unique and niche races from around the globe, and you can take full advantage of the live-time odds that change to reflect the betting trends. Simply click on their “Racebook” tab from the top menu bar and you will see the races they’re offering, along with other options to help you watch and bet on them.

If you really want to mix things up, you can also play online poker through BetDSI. This isn’t just a little page where you can play a few games of 5-card draw or Let it Ride; the BetDSI poker room is huge and features a ton of traffic, so there’s always going to be a game available. The only downside is that you have to download their poker client independently, but that’s quickly made up for by the fact that they offer over $1 million in guaranteed tournaments every month, they offer Hold’Em, Omaha, stud and more, and you can even participate in large freerolls and satellites to earn entry into real tournaments.


Every sportsbook you visit online is going to claim that it’s secure. No one would ever tell you if they weren’t. They want your business; they don’t want you to run off to some other site. However, BetDSI is able to do more than simply say that they’re secure. They’re able to show and prove. For instance, BetDSI has been recognized with an SBR A+ rating for 3 years running, and they’re also OSGA approved and have a 99% approval rating via Bang the Book. None of this would be possible unless BetDSI was an extremely secure atmosphere.


When searching out a gambling website with which to bet, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a company rated as highly as Diamond Sportsbook International. The BetDSI mobile sportsbook is a very popular location, and for a myriad of solid reasons. For starters, their proprietary software seamlessly integrates with any sort of mobile operating system, and you can play in a glitch-free environment that’s very attractive. They also have a ton of different sports options on which to bet, including an entire section dedicated to live betting. And if you get tired of the basic sports options, you can always opt for their racebook and bet the ponies or you can try your hand at some poker. So the DSI network is about a lot more than just sports betting.

BetDSI is also a very secure site that has won multiple awards and has been recognized by independent companies as an A+ website. They also cater directly to Americans, even offering Bitcoin as a banking option, so that’s a big plus in their favor. Overall, this is a sportsbook that offers a lot more than you would expect a mobile sportsbook to offer.