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This resource guide was designed to empower sports bettors in making informed decisions regarding their gambling activity. We are a group of online gambling professionals who have a combined range of experience that spans decades. We take our influence in the industry very seriously, and have worked hard to provide information that is current and accurate, ensuring that bettors have everything they need for a successful, secure and high quality mobile sports betting experience. From among the sports betting guides circulating on the web, few provided truly accurate information, and even fewer focus on the mobile sports wagering platform. This guide is intended to be a beacon that stands out from the misinformation that is so prevalent out there. We desire to direct players to the most trusted and reliable information and data so that they can apply it to their own personal situation when determining what mobile sports wagering options are best suited to their betting preferences and needs.

This guide includes basic information concerning sportsbook apps, reviews of the most trusted brands in mobile sports betting, and specific guides that apply to the most popular mobile platforms. As this segment of the industry expands, so will this guide. We intend to keep pace with the rapidly changing mobile gambling landscape and we hope you’re along for the ride. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and it is our sincere hope that you find this resource guide helpful in determining the best mobile gambling solutions for your specific needs.

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Having great respect for this industry and those who participate in the mobile gambling community, we are committed to providing the most accurate and up to date information possible. However, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of all information at all times, though we are committed to limiting any possible occurrences of outdated or incorrect information as is humanly possible. Throughout this guide we provide direct, one click access to additional resources that we consider to be beneficial to sports bettors. Though we recommend other resources, we cannot be held responsible for the content of any other website or online destination. We also want to share with you that we have developed a working relationship with some of the mobile sports betting sites which we recommend in this guide. We do this to achieve comprehensive access to these sites as both registered bettors and industry professionals as a part of our review process. Some of the brands that we approve through this process do compensate us for supporting them as a recommended gambling destination with a small referral fee. We do not allow these types of opportunities to sway our reviews in any way. We have turned down multiple similar opportunities from brands which we could not approve for various reasons. We have distinct standards which must be met before a brand is considered for inclusion in our guide, and we never lower the bar for any reason.

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We want our visitors to understand that we never collect, store or share your personal information. Any information you share with us for any reason remains confidential. We do not sell it or allow anyone to view it. When someone visits any website, statistical data is collected that includes your IP address, city and state. Your IP address does not provide access to any of your personal information such as your name or address. Any email addresses or contact information which is used to contact us is kept confidential and is never shared or sold. We support user privacy to the fullest extent, and are dead set against policies which allow the unauthorized sharing of personal information. We will never operate in such a manner that your privacy is compromised. You have our commitment on that.

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You will find the following categories of information in this guide: general information about mobile sportsbook apps, as well as information on iPhone sports betting appsiPad sports betting appsAndroid sports betting apps, and mobile sportsbook reviews. All of these pages contain helpful information concerning their related topics and will provide valuable data for bettors who want to make informed decisions regarding their sports wagering activity. Other pages can be found under the more dropdown option on the top menu.

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